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Thread: Second attempt at a spray paint job: much better results

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    Second attempt at a spray paint job: much better results

    Starting with the mag on the left: pretty enough, but it could be improved

    Sand, Mask and hang

    Couple coats of primer, with plenty of time to dry in between

    Finished product:

    Overall its a bit shiny, but thats probably because its got like five coats of enamel on it. So hopefully it will be strong enough also.

    Its got a nice feel to it though, and its a lot nicer looking now that it all matches instead of some pieces being black, some silver, some blue, some carbon fiber.

    Now I just need to do the barrel and call it good.

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    So thing can flake if you remove something?

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    Nah, I disassembled it completely already, nothing seemed to start flaking or coming off.

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    Nice finish, but did you want to hide your rail milling?

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    why didn't you paint each piece individually?

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    I like the textured finish

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