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    No Pressure

    Recieved shoebox last night. Supplied 85lbs. to the source, seems to run perfectly but will not build any pressure. Double checked the bleed valve, it's full out. I'm thinking possibly a check valve. Or am I just overlooking something. Thanks, Mark

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    Full out, as unscrewed to the left against the stop screw you had to install?

    Do you have a line gauge or tank gauge you are looking at?
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    Yes, bleeder screw is full out against stop screw, counter clockwise.

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    Do you have the ability to put about 800 psi backwards through the high pressure output? That usually sets the orings.


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    Tom, will try that tomorrow. Thanks, Mark

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    "All Righty Tom" Yep! it's working as it should. Back blew with just 140psi shop air & it took right off. Thanks, Mark

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