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Thread: In need of some help

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    In need of some help

    Ok, filled the 1st tank (44ci). Shut off at 3200 so adj. spring collar out slightly & filled to 3800 then shut down. 2nd tank filled to 2000 & it shut down. Moved collar to the end of shaft & still shuts off. It starts making a loud hammering sound or knocking. Ok then the set screw on the small sprocket of the secondary drive came loose & spun on the shaft, got it tightened then the set screw on the larger sprocket came loose & spun on the shaft. Tightened each of theses a couple of times. The larger one is loose again & starts knocking at higher pressure. We've had both cylinders off & everything is moving freely. Blew out all passages & tubes. Reassembled & still doing the same.
    Ok, so now for the stupid part. In the process of all of this I over tweed the spring. Won't go into just how. (Stupid is Stupid does) Anyway I need a new spring. Could'nt find it on the diagram.
    Also aircraft mechanic for 30 yrs. So I love to tear things apart. Going back together is a different story, ( go figger ).
    What to do? Thanks Mark #071

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    You have a leaky lower back check valve. Thats why it shut off at 2k. Sounds like it was right on the edge unfortunately so it didn't appear when we tested it here. You need to take out the lower backcheck valve and clean the oring. It probably has a speck of dirt on it. Try that and get back to us here.

    We can send you a new spring no problem. Send us a pm with your addy etc and we will send it out.

    Are the sprockets ok now?


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