I bought # 42 from the original purchaser when he had heath problems and needed money. He had not even assembled the unit and shipped it on to me. When I unboxed it, I went to install the bleed valve and found the black retaining screw was missing. Looked everywhere in the box and found all the other items but no retaining screw. On the exploded diagram, it looks like part #35. I will gladly pay for the replacement. email me at jdollarsprint@hughes.net or ship the screw COD to: Jerry Dollar, 28330 Thermal Rd., Sanger,Ca. 93657. Thanks a lot
PS- both chains were so tight that there is no play in either. When i loosened the 2 bolts for the jack shaft chain to adjust it, the chain loosened but when I re-tightened the bolts, that tightened the jackshaft chain right back to its former position. I was unable to really move the jackshaft assembly around unless I loosened the motor mounts too. The manual seemed to indicate that you adjusted the 2 chains independently. Is there a secret to loosening the bolts and adjusting the jackshaft or do you have to loosen everything, then adjust and secure?