Ok, filled the 1st tank (44ci). Shut off at 3200 so adj. spring collar out slightly & filled to 3800 then shut down. 2nd tank filled to 2000 & it shut down. Moved collar to the end of shaft & still shuts off. It starts making a loud hammering sound or knocking. Ok then the set screw on the small sprocket of the secondary drive came loose & spun on the shaft, got it tightened then the set screw on the larger sprocket came loose & spun on the shaft. Tightened each of theses a couple of times. The larger one is loose again & starts knocking at higher pressure. We've had both cylinders off & everything is moving freely. Blew out all passages & tubes. Reassembled & still doing the same.
Ok, so now for the stupid part. In the process of all of this I over tweed the spring. Won't go into just how. (Stupid is Stupid does) Anyway I need a new spring. Could'nt find it on the diagram.
Also aircraft mechanic for 30 yrs. So I love to tear things apart. Going back together is a different story, ( go figger ).
What to do? Thanks Mark #071