Got this thing in yesterday and had to go to work. But, today, I am off and had a chance to really check it out. Made a few changes. And, for the people who get the milled fittings, you def. have to have square ends on the Macroline, or you leak. Anyway, just wanted to post up some pics. There are some notable changes from the pics that Mel sent me.
I got the barrel ano'd to match, got the CCM Macro fittings, and got some Hogue wraps for this.

Mmmmm, left feed.

Also, just to while the time away waiting on it to arrive, I was shamed into making a set of wood inserts for the 86 frame. First attempt, just to see how to make them. Used some Granadillo wood that I had laying around. Not bad, but a little too light colored for this gun. That top inside corner is a PITA, and I still didnt get it right.