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Thread: Thanks Tom

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    Thanks Tom

    I just wanted to say that I appreciate someone who is willing to stand behind their product and be of service when needed.I have no doubts now about making the purchase of this product. I am glad that I am not on my own , help is there if I need it. If something should need attention that I do not have an understanding of,I can get personal help.Not only was it(the shoebox) a great purchase but it has also been an education.Thanks again.
    Doyle Simons

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    Tom I also wanted to say thanks for the great, great product and for some of thee best customer service I ever experienced.

    Also wanted to say that I received my new vent valve from you the other day and just now have gotten around to installing it. Works perfect, much better than the old one and vents oh so much better.

    Thanks again time for everything.


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