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Thread: *^*October MOTM Contest*^*

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    *^*October MOTM Contest*^*

    TWO DIVISION MOTM Thanks to Tom Kaye and the enduring overseeing AO Mod staff for keeping this thread in order and running smoothly.

    MOTM will run 2 categories , Standard Open Class anything goes and an "Old Skool" Mag competition ! !

    Please state which division you want to be in (Open or Classic) in case yours could go either way.

    Round 10 '10 ! !

    "MAG" of the month contest...that means MAGS of any kind.

    I want to see some kick butt mags ! ! !

    I will do it every month there seems to be continued interest , voting towards the end of each month, new contest on the first-ish of each month.

    Near the end of the month I will narrow it down to a Final 3 (or how ever many I think are worthy) and open a public voting poll to pick the winner for each division. Entries are valid until I close this thread.


    1) Must be your Mag and NOT for sale during the month of the contest.

    2) I don't care how great or sucky your pictures are, it's a gun contest not a photogenic prize.

    3) 2 pictures MAX , NO GIANT WALLPAPER sized a link if you need to or link to any larger pics.

    **This is the code to resize and thumbnail your pictures. Copy and paste and add the link where it says to.**

    PHP Code:
    <a href="Picture URL Here"><img src="Picture URL Here" width="600" height="450"></img></a
    If you can't figure out how to host your pics , I will get them hosted for you.

    FYI , It is to YOUR ADVANTAGE to simply post 600 x 450 or so sized pictures , they will look far better than the code resized pictures.

    4) One gun entered per month per Class. I'll allow you to enter one (different) marker in each.

    5) No previous contest winner entries unless it has changed drastically , give others a shot please.

    6) No text posts ...PM all questions to who ever you want to ask what ever you want to ask. Text posts will be removed.

    I will be judging on what I think is cool or worthy ...

    Generally it breaks down like this-

    Open Class MOTM :

    As in anything goes as long as it's a mag , wow us.

    Just a note ,

    I'd really like to see full functioning markers , those will get priority over the same parts just stacked up for a picture.

    OldSkoolers :

    Looking for anything falling under the guise of Old Skool or in the Spirit of Old skool , SS parts would be cool but that's fairly subjective depending on application. Could be rare , unique or just plain old and still neat. Rusty in a box not exactly the idea here So basically anything that cries yesteryear whether a Classic Custom or just Classic Cool.

    Further example:

    ule body = not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell )
    newly produced frames = not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell )
    x valve = not old skool (unless it is so hidden in old skool goodness that I can't tell )


    Bragging rights as well as your marker forever honored in the MOTM Winner thread.

    Anything "sponsors" want to add at my discretion (contact me first please)

    That's it....GO ! !

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    purple Karta Emaggo

    05 ego frame w/musashi
    Karta set
    AGD purpple Xvalve.
    DW goodies

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    Here is my CLASSIC entry...
    (Silver shooter)

    Automag Classic valve
    Polished Minimag body P/F/R
    Intelliframe w/ polished trigger
    Polished VL foregrip
    Classic railed (Milled)
    Barrel un-known
    Custom Cyberave68 grips

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    Zero Gravity Customs

    Play hard or go home......
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    Stock class feed pump Minimag

    -Phantom feed done by Cougar20th
    -45 frame
    -Flag Station Stalker Barrel.
    -Centerflag on/off

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    Classic 68 Automag

    68 Mag
    Eclipse purple splashed
    Shocktech drop forward
    Gen X-2 ASA
    double trigger

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    the country of california

    open class

    Well i finally settled on my next attempt at the MOTM(only got one left)

    The test firing was with this barrel and it is a .679 so i got a few barrel brakes, not chops thank god(did not want to have to tear it down to clean it) XO is not good paint for a small barrel.

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    Classic Please:

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    Old School please, it's got a classic valve and a classic powerfeed body. Click for larger pictures.

    Maybe i can win for my birthday which is this month (2 days)

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    Old Skool

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    SFL Emag #EM01567

    Shocktech SFL Emag #EM01567:

    • Dye Ultralite 16in, 14in, 12in Front
    • Dye Ultralite Back- Polished by LK-13
    • Vert Breach with CCM Mod by A-Tach-One
    • European Warp Breach
    • PTP Battery Housing
    • Xmag Battery Housing *Milled Dovetail*
    • Shocktech Medium Drop
    • Bob Long Gear Drive ASA
    • Warp Bracket
    • Black Detents
    • Matching Detents
    • Fireblade
    • Tunablade
    • Emag Trigger
    • Triggernomics Trigger *40hrs to create*
    • Xmod
    • Anodized by PK Selective

    Check out for more pictures

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    Whatever Entry It Belongs In

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    open class


    classic RT
    lukes vert feed mod
    ego feedneck
    spiders garage jeweling

    first attempt at posting pics
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    classic please

    taso splash kit(rare)
    black ule body
    smart parts gadget grip
    micromag valve
    rainman pump kit
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    open class

    doesn't stand out as much as some of the beauties on here, but it gets the job done

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    And we're just gonna put a happy little bush in the corner right there, and it'll be our little secret. AND IF YOU TELL ANYONE! THAT, THAT BUSH IS THERE! I WILL COME TO YOUR HOUSE! AND I WILL CUT YOU!

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    Thumbs up

    elgallo.... that jeweling looks awesome!

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    ^^^What he said.^^^

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    Thanks for the compliments.

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    its going to be a tough month with all those pump mags

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