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Thread: interesting coversation at my store.....long but read

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    interesting coversation at my store.....long but read

    i went in to my local store so i can fix one of my guns(cocker, not my mag) and a few people were in there and a kid that i talk to at the field. his name is daryl. anyways, there were a few other people there, one kid named alex(hates mags) and ed(captain of my team and likes mags). they were surprised i had a cocker because they know how much of a mag enthusiast i am. this isn't word for word, but close enough

    daryl:it's a good thing you got rid of your mag. mags are such horrible guns. all they do is chop
    me:that's not all they do. my retro never chops.
    daryl:90 percent of mags i c chop. in fact, yours was chopping a few weeks ago
    me:that was just a bad batch of paint. your cocker was chopping. everyeone was chopping. the paint was oblong. you're gonna have chopping problems in any gun if it doesn't feed. cockers, impulses, mags, angels, everything was chopping that day.
    alex: mags are horrible guns. i've used a few mags and they were always so horrible.
    daryl: ok your gun is the one exception. to the majority of mag owners, you can bet that you're going to chop paint.
    me: people only chop paint in mags because they don't know how to tune it so it doesn't.
    daryl: forget it, i don't feel like arguing(he knows he lost)
    alex: mags chop paint, it's just a fact
    me: ok. take two guys that know nothing about paintball. they both get a gun
    alex: ok
    me: give one a mag and one an angel. they go out and play and mess around with the guns, both of them are going to have problems with their guns because they don't know how to keep them working properly.
    alex: my angel never has problems and i haven't touched it.
    daryl: 3 guys on my team have mags and they can't go a single game without chopping
    me: that's just because they don't know how to work they're guns. you take any gun that's not tuned right and you're gonna chop paint. you tune a mag the way it's supposed to be and you're gonna shoot great. i know i can make any mag shoot fine short of powertube problems or extreme defects in the valve. people that get mags that don't know how to tune them go around bad mouthing mags because they don't fix it enough to get it shooting the way it should.
    daryl: my brothers mag just got back from the shop and it still just leaks and breaks paint.
    me: give it to me i'll fix it. i guarantee i can get it shooting fine.
    daryl: ok, i'll give it to you next week at the field.

    they still don't believe that mags are good guns. there was more to the conversation but i really didn't feel like typing it all. either way it was jsut funny that they comment without even knowing how a true mag can shoot. i just thought it was interesting and it should go up here. any comments are welcome. one last thing i want to add. there was this comment somewhere in the conversation, but i forget where and it just seemed funny to me.

    alex: rarely does a stock angel have anything go wrong with it. a stock mag will chop straight out the box
    me: i've seen more angels chop paint than my mag. even yours alex a few weeks ago was chopping pretty bad. george's angel does nothing but chop paint
    alex: that's just because i was out shooting the hopper
    me: well that's a chopping problem isn't it?
    alex: no
    me: oh ok, so when a mag chops paint, it's a horrible gun. but when an angel chops it's not the gun? besides how many angels have you seen chop paint because the dwell wasn't set right or whatever goes wrong with them.
    alex: not mine.
    me: exactly, you take anyone that can tune they're guns properly, and you won't have problems. as soon as you put the gun in the hands of someone that doesn't know what they're doing, you get problems. angels, mags, cockers, any gun.
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    Sounds alot like what I go through every time I bring my mag to my local field.Not saying anyhting bad bout angels,But why is it that the OWNERS of most angels do think that mags are inferior to there gun?Or most guns?
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    No body at our Field says anything like that anymore. That is because the four or five of us Mag guys know what we are doing and our Mags continue to demonstrate that is not true. We don't argue...We demonstrate it. I have taken an E-Mag and an RT pro out there the last few months and handed it to anyone and everyone and told them to TRY and chop a ball. I chose the paint and barrel of course. Used the stock barrels with Powerball Pearl. Thats not real expensive stuff but its good. Nada one time did I have to clean a barrel (on the inside) all day! None can make em chop!!! After that all they are left with is the feable "Well... Mags are hard on paint" argument. And I point out not only did they not chop they never broke one either! This last Sunday we put slightly over a 1000 rounds through each of these guns as fast and furious as we could with each and every one of the guys using them not having had one or very much experience with a Mag. Not one chop or break! Again I used good paint that was fresh and proper sized for the barrels. I don't have these problems you guys are seeing. They are done talking that stuff at my Field. I don't even bother to listen to it if they do. I hand em a Reactive Trigger line valve and its all over. My Mags are set up and well maintained and if there is a problem with one of them I get right on it and fix it...or they stay in the case that day. I will not shoot a gun that needs work of any type. And it can be fixed I know that. Worse advertisment for any Gun type is a guy who will persist in shooting the thing while its not right. Or use cheap old paint. It hurts and he is likely to blame the gun not his own lack of knowledge of it all.

    By the way the E-Mag has now seen about Four cases of paint through it. I broke two balls down the barrel in it the first time out trying to use up some 3-4 months old paint. Since then I have not had to clean the inside of barrel once! And that is with using it to let everyone try one. Mag newbies and such! Game! Set! Match!

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    The reason that people say that mags chop is because if there is a misfeed, there is no chance that it won't chop. It will kill the ball like nothing because the bolt comes forward with such force. On the other hand, Cockers, Matricies, Impulses and such can be set to very low pressure and use very light springs so it the ball dosen't break. I also beleive that there is a cocker bolt with a spring in it so it dosen't chop. I think AGD should redesign a bolt like that, I know that they just made the superbolt, but mabe they should start working on a superbolt 2.0 when they finish taking the bugs out of this one...
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    What I get alot of is...

    "Sell that Mag and get a Cocker... its will shoot straiter..."

    Guess what they told me yesterday...

    "Sell that Mag and get a Cocker... its will shoot straiter..."

    ... I have a headache...


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    i will back up what someone said about the mag not chopping through serious firing sessions, all you have to do is download the halo in action. and they are using emags i believe doing about 18 balls a second(atleast that is what the download says) and not chopping a ball!
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    Yeah that doesn't happen at my field cuz we rip with our mags. Almost everyone that disses mags either doesn't own one or can't use them. Or they bought it used off someone that screwed around with what they shouldn't have.

    My mag never chops when I have the right paint match which is almost always. cphillip is right though, if you show them what your mag can do they can't argue with that, which is the best way to do it.

    It's really annoying though in chat rooms when people do that. I always bring up the HALO videos and they still try to argue and is REALLY PISSES ME OFF! I have argued and argued with people telling them that cockers can't shoot farther, low pressure doesn't make a difference, etc etc.

    People need to be educated on mags, god they don't know anything about them, yet they know everything that can go wrong? This is BS.
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    Actually, wasn't it a stock 'Mag (an old one at that) with a hyperframe, shooting 16bps?

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    My emag and even my mag before never broke any paint. I had 2 or 4 break in the end of the barrel on sunday because my barrel was not big enough for the paint (freak is on its way)

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    I don't get a lot of that at my field, maybe because I'm not listening, usually all I hear is the Spyder-dissing. Though I have noticed a lot of "pro-looking" people with their Angels and Autocockers (I also see a lot more NOT-working autocockers )but still I really never hear them trash-talk.
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