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Thread: Possible to anno/powdercoat X-Valve?

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    Possible to anno/powdercoat X-Valve?

    So, I have a black x-valve in an all-dust-black mag. It looks like garbage. Any way to get the x-valve redone in dust?

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    Sure. Take the valve apart so that only the aluminum parts remain. Then have those sent to someone who annodizes aluminum.
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    Remember to remove the Z pin on the valve.

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    send it to someone who is proficient in annoing x-valves.

    if the anno is not done right it will be scrap.

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    Quote Originally Posted by georgeyew
    Remember to remove the Z pin on the valve.
    Or send it to someone who knows what they are doing and leave the z pin.
    If I need to drill out the pin they are not anoing my valve

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    Yeah...drilling out that pin is not something someone as amateurish as myself with power tools should be attempting :P

    Besides, I'd NEVER be able to get the thing back together. Dangit!

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