So I have lathes & mills and automags. I want to make a pumpkit for my automag I can throw in if I feel like playing some pump. But I've never even seen a pump mag.

If I'm understanding this correctly I need pump, a tube & spring to slide the pump along, some sort of pump rod that resets the bolt, and a wavespring. I can machine the rail and body easily enough and even make a pump handle. But:

a) What are the dimensions and specs for the rail and body milling?
b) What are the specs for the cocking rod and how it's supposed to be bent to engage the bolt?
c) Where do I get this wavespring?

I've been searching for an hour or so and can't find these answers.
Can someone point me to a comprehensive "pump mag" thread?
Better yet, who wants to let me borrow a pump mag for inspection (with adequete collateral, of course)?