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Thread: XMOD Change Log (OFFICIAL)

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    XMOD Change Log (OFFICIAL)

    These are the comments I made copied and pasted exactly as they are in my source code.

    ;* Revisions
    ;*06.18.2006 XMOD BETA 1.8
    ;* If the EEPROM is reset due to corruption the display brightness will be reset in all cases
    ;* Ramp Start is an option with hardware programming.
    ;* Top Button now cancels Boot message early
    ;* 04.15.2006 XMOD BETA 1.7
    ;* Fixed PR-T mode to never display more than ROF
    ;* Fixed all Numbers so they do not display a leading zero
    ;* 03.29.2006 XMOD BETA 1.6.1
    ;* Fixed EEPROM resetting when any value was cycled
    ;* Fixed goofy characters that were being displayed when PR-T mode was first enabled.
    ;* 03.23.2006 XMOD BETA 1.6
    ;* Fixed Solid pull of solenoid when Low Battery allert did come on
    ;* Fixed Low Battery Message (It wasn't working)
    ;* Added Self healing EEPROM (after corruption)
    ;* Renamed all code with DB or DBounce to FIX
    ;* Created DISPLAY_ONLY and VALUE_OFFSET_1
    ;* Changed numbers to be single digits
    ;* Increased max FIX to 95
    ;* Added MIL MODE
    ;* 12.31.2005 XMOD BETA 1.5
    ;* Increased DLAY max from 3 to 8
    ;* Smoothed out PSP ramping
    ;* Eliminated line 140
    ;* 12.24.2005 XMOD BETA 1.4
    ;* Changed bottom button counter to use XH,XL instead of YH,YL so ACE can be toggled in PR-T mode
    ;* Added Option to turn Solenoid off in PR-T mode
    ;* Changed Functionality of PR-T mode to save value after last trigger pull
    ;* Fixed all catastrophic bugs in PR-T mode(Display still goes goofy sometimes but it doesn't affect anything else)
    ;* Uncommented Power Saver
    ;* 12.18.2005 XMOD BETA 1.3
    ;* Added PR-T mode
    ;* 12.17.2005 XMOD BETA 1.2
    ;* Changed Automatic warp advance in to use an rcall(Saves Code, while adding 3 cycles to a trigger pull)
    ;* Added Fried Board Test
    ;* Changed Optns to r17 (Adjusted EEPROM to reflect)
    ;* Commented Power Saver
    ;* Commented Sleep Mode
    ;* 12.15.2005 XMOD BETA 1.1
    ;* Added Sleep Mode
    ;* Added Power Saver
    ;* Increased nop's from 2 to 4 in manual warp advance
    ;* 12.12.2005 XMOD BETA 1.0
    ;* See PDF for full list of features
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