Has this changed in the past 7-8 months?

I only ask because for 23 years (more than two solar cycles) the Sun has risen over the island in the middle of the lake I live on and come beaming in through the S.E. facing window. Summer to Winter would see it move a few degrees left and right, meaning I would see it rise directly over the island during Summer months and a little to the left of the island during the Winter.
Considering I live in CT, not far South of that 45* latitude, I would anticipate a reasonable swing in location of sunrise, but expect it to stay within about 15* of arc.

This year, however, since the Winter Solstice the Sun has not reversed its travel and continues to rise further and farther to the left instead of returning to it's Summer point. Where the Sun always rose directly in front of the house it is now rising on the left side of the house. This mean I'm viewing the sun rise almost North East from my location.

Sunset is hidden from me and difficult to keep track of so I don't have true bearings on a complete path, sun rise is when I take the dog out for a walk by the lake. The lake itself gives a panoramic view and easy to tell where the sun is coming up over distinguishable landmarks like an island or a cell phone tower visible in the distance.

For what it's worth, an astrolabe in the garden still shows noon at 12:00. At that point, degree of declination has no meaning - it would be the same at the Equator as it is at 45* North. It's the rising and setting that show how far the Earth is tilted towards the Sun in it's Northern hemisphere.

On a similar note, I always used to stand out my front door in the evenings and see Orions Belt right in front of me. That familiar constellation is now almost straight up over the house, when it used to be right above the treeline it's now almost directly above.

This is a case where I know what I've seen in the past, and know what I'm seeing now. And I can not explain the discrepency without involving tipping the Earth beyond normal limits and literally changing the North/South pole locations.
Even in my madness I can't imagine this happening without someone else noticing.

So why does the Sun now rise almost 30* North of where it has for the past two decades?

Or am I completely wrong and nobody else can see this?