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Thread: Project RT Pro - PballCanada Update

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    Project RT Pro - PballCanada Update

    Hello All,
    I've completed a major update to PballCanada which includes my Project RT Pro Article.

    There is also some other AGD related news, but you'll have to check out the site for all the detail. ;-)
    Paul La Rue

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    cool..... great article!

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    At last your sites updated! Im not canadian but i love the site.
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    Yeah everyone up here really appreciates Paul's site. Great place for us Canadians to see what's going on Nationally and easier to sell and buy stuff.

    Thanks alot Paul! I will read the article now.
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    I'm always reading the PballCanada Forums and site. ITs the best Canuck place to Talk Pball and Buy/Sell.

    Thank you AGD for helping support PballCanada, you rule!

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    Nice Job Paul.

    AGD, where we are so good we can do it with only ONE tube!

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    Paintchucker Guest

    Lightbulb Very Well Written Project !!!

    I enjoyed reading your review/project on the RT Pro. One comment that you might want to change is:

    and most notably a scare that the bolts where breaking and the metal core flying out our the marker.
    I don't believe that the metal core came out. There was one guy that said part of the bolt flew out of the gun and hit him in the arm, but that turned out to be a lie. Personally, I think i boiled the bolt too long or didn't sand the delrin ridge enough, and I had the delrin sleeve shoot off and into my barrel condom when I was testing it. Other cases I read about had the end of the delrin sleeve crack off and shoot out.

    If you have creditable evidence that the metal core did come flying out, then leave it, but if not, please change it, as it seems a bit inflamatory...

    Other than that, I found it very comprehensive and well written. Excellent job!

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    Good comprehensive article. I don't agree with the view on the warp, but then again, everybody's got different taste.

    By the way, you spelled "color" wrong!
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    "The SuperBolt, has gone through some problems: derlin cracking, tips breaking, sleeves that are too long or wide, and most notably a scare that the bolts where breaking and the metal core flying out our the marker. This prompted AGD to recall all the SuperBolts but after some investigation it turns out that this scare was a complete fabrication and AGD downgraded the SuperBolt recall to a simple update."

    If you read the complete quote I think it's very clear that it was a "complete fabrication". If it's not clear then I shall reword it.

    BTW, we spell colour with a 'u' on this side of the border. ;-)

    Thanks for all the comments, everything is much appreciated.

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    Paul, it was clear enough to me. I think everyone needs to read the whole paragraph. I don't think it needs changing at all.

    Also I agree with Joker about your warp comments. I personaly disagree but I think they may have been different had you had the right body to try. But Hey! I will defend to the death your right to have your own feelings about it! And you gotta be truthfull and say what you think. You did a good job of that. Fact is it is not for everybody.

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    I know, I just needed to complain about something! It's the American way, afterall! Now go enjoy your free government sponsored health care!

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    Awesome site Paul.

    I always surf pballcanada forums to AO forums and back like 10 times a day

    Formerly paintballjunkie13

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