Everything is machined from solid 7075-T651 aluminum. It works like an MQ valve except I made a pneumatic actuator to control venting instead of the typical MQ solenoid. The acturtor vents the air behind the poppet and the poppet opens up the dump chamber to the AGD bolt. No sear. I figure if Hill's reverse sear mod has enough flow to operae the mag bolt this sould work great. I have a shocker frame... but I might mod my Airwalk to hold a trigger switch. I'll have see how well it works out before I pillage my pneumag's frame.

I need to clean up one of the oring grooves (too tight) and pick up a few orings. Otherwise, everything appears to fit and seal well. Soon I'll send it off to the anodizer and pick up the solonoid/electronics/orings while I wait. I've got two valves... but one still needs a poppet machined. The second valve will be taylored more for a Level 7 bolt.