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Thread: How the universe was created from Nothing

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    How the universe was created from Nothing

    Here is an interesting article w/video explaining a theory of creation in the universe. It really is very intriguing and as contradictory as the theory is, it comes together and makes sense in the end. Enjoy.

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    I think I have a few universes in my wallet/bank account!!!!

    Now you know how they say you are rich when you have nothing...

    I guess the Neverending Story is really true.

    No really... interesting vid..


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    Damn it now my brain hurts.....

    (going to have to get that magazine too :P )

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    Your all heathens!!!

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    As Tao tells us, when we die we are something that returns to nothing. How foolish it would be to not believe something can come from nothing.

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    Guth's work has been out for a while now, and is certainly interesting and well-argued.

    Not so sure about the secondary component of the argument this video makes, which is also fairly popular. There is something logically problematic with taking certain physical 'rules' or characteristics of the universe as it is and then assuming (a) the universe has always had these rules or characteristics exactly as we see them today, and (b) these same rules or characteristics would necessarily apply to the ??????? into which the universe came to be.

    For it certainly cannot be missed that the universe is expanding into something (or nothing), and if it indeed 'banged', it arguably banged into this same something (or nothing), and this matrix, whatever it is or isn't, has no reasonable expectation of being anything like the universe that banged into it, either in terms of its form, its structure, or the physical rules that undergird it.

    Hence, just because the structural 'DNA' of physics in this universe permits (so we currently think) things to pop into and out of existence with no particular cause, there is no reason to assume this same DNA is at work in the unknown beyond the universe.

    We see this even in our own universe. At a micro level quantum mechanics operates, but it does not (to the best of our knowledge) operate at a macro level.

    Again, a most interesting theory, but by definition probably completely impossible to verify.

    But that's still no reason not to think it over.

    Nice chew-worthy topic!

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