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Thread: MM2k9 steel washer and block screws?

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    MM2k9 steel washer and block screws?

    I have a mint, still-in-the-bubble-wrap gunmetal gray MM2k9 that I want to get up and running. I have all the parts I need to put together a mech marker with it but I have a few problems.

    Since I never opened it... I haven't installed the steel washer. Are there any tricks or tips to installing the washer?

    Also, I want to change the feed angle and I forgot all about the weird screws that hold the front part of the block in place... Anyone know what the right screw tip is to remove and re-install them?

    Thanks for any help!

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    Those screws are torque heads

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    Thanks barkingspider. I'll have to go buy a Torx set then I guess.

    Anyone have some wisdom about the steel washer? Is it just held in place by the valve or does it need to be seated in the body so it doesn't fall out every time the marker is disassembled?

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    There are a ton of issues with those bodies. If it doesnt work Luke can do a 'fix'.

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    Oh boy... That sounds ominous. LOL. I thought I remembered PTP offering to press the washer into bodies if people wanted them to, but I couldn't find any posts about it after all these years.

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    The washer is just a drop in part, no need to "press" it into the body.
    Just take care in case you disamble the marker.

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    Yep, the easiest way I found was to put the washer on the bolt spring and then install everything I to the body.

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    Ahh. Thanks. I appreciate the info.

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