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Thread: Non paintball build, toyota starlet build up(picture heavy)

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    Non paintball build, toyota starlet build up(picture heavy)

    Some people over here like my projects so why not post this over here.

    To start off with I will try to keep any info I gather during my build here in the thread. Links and such.
    I also ask for a little patients as I am new and still researching what I can find but much of this seems pretty old for this car.

    Try to remember when mking suguestions I am in the USA in Ca. I envy the availability of parts and such over the big pond in Europe.

    The starting goals are as such.
    -get my 02 audi TT roadster sold for some cash.
    -I want to get it reliable and driving first.
    -new rims and tires
    -Then I want to get the body work done. All rust gone and painted.
    -I want it to look as stock as possible on inside.
    -upgrad suspension and braking.
    -After all the above is done I may consider an engine swap or a rebuild for more power.
    Edit to the starting goals, as usual with me I cant go easy so its getting 200+ hp and all new driveline

    Future goals are to get more power somewhere just over 100 hp. But only after i do the suspension and brakes.

    So here is the starting car, got it for $750

    The problem areas, and I believe most is just cosmetic work.

    Mechanical issues
    -The car is 30 years old with only 115,000 miles on it so it sat alot.
    -The transmission howls in 4 of the 5 gears so it sat to long and the bearings rusted. Tranny is no good even though it is fully functional.
    -Has a very minor misfire associated with a bad carb base gasket.
    -radiator is leaking bad from the top inlet/outlet where it is soldered to the radiator.

    Items ordered as of today.
    -guaranteed used tranny. $350+ delivery(had it rebuilt due to non availability of a used tranny)
    -clutch kit, (not the expensive one)
    -radiator(not one available)
    -Carpet kit
    -dyna padding and matting
    -All new race coil over suspension front and rear(remanufactured from used TRD parts)
    -strut tower support
    -camber adjusting plates
    -Larger upgraded brakes.(from AE86 corolla)

    Questions I have. Sorry if these are covered in the forum and I will answer them my self if I beat someone to it. Thanks to anyone who helps take some of the leg work out of it.

    -What cars have denotable parts for searching purposes online? Please tell where the cars are found, America, Europe.......
    AE-86 corolla. RWD Toyota Cellica

    -What is a good radiator to swap for the old one, which cars specifically?

    -Wheel and tire sizes that will fit without rubbing at stock hight?
    This is a source for wheels that actually fit(UK SOURCE)

    USA source

    -Where to find stock body parts as well as after market ones like the rear spoiler?

    -What engines swap with little to no trouble? Like an older 2.0 or 22r?
    It looks like neither, the 4-age 16v is the best and most cost effective option for a powerful swap. They can be found for around $1500 with tranny.

    -Is it worth it to try and get the power out of the origionla 4-K?
    No not really.

    -Good source for strut bars? Only ones you have used preferably.

    -How much can the stock tranny/rearend handle power wise?
    About 100hp.

    -Brakes? Any info on what people upgrade to would be great.
    Get the brakes when you get the struts, they are not listed but are an additional $150

    -What is the best suspension upgrade up front that will maintain stock ride hight?
    AE86 front struts with coil overs.

    -any aftermarket interior components made?
    Not really if you want a stock look. So anything you can make fit from other vehicles.

    The answer to the above questions are in the parts list
    -Engine- Any 4A-GE and the 4A-GZ, they install using available parts with no cutting into the firewall, other larger engines can be used but will take more effort to install. JDM are good engines. Always get an engine with FULL harness and ECU Ebay is a good source but call the company Prior to ordering to make sure the ECU is there and for shipping quotes. You should get all new main seals and cam seals and install them while it is easy. Same for any seal that can be easily accessed. Install new water pump and thermostat.

    -Overdrive pulley for the super charger, with belt- Largest size drive pulley you can get. Purchased from Technotoytuning.

    -Transmission- T50 - the corolla GTS and SR5 are the T50 so both work with the GTS bell housing.

    - Hydraulic Clutch- Slave cylinder and resevor are from a Honda Prelude

    -Bellhousing- T50 corolla GTS bell housing from Technotoytuning. It is a salvage unit from a corolla GTS.

    -starter plate- corolla GTS

    -Short shifter kit, 50% throw reduction- from Technotoytuning

    -Clutch- Any search for a 87 corolla GTS will find the clutch you want for this swap
    Exedy stage 1 modle number 16804B
    Exedy stage 2 model number 16954B

    -Flywheel- Any search for a 87 corolla GTS will find the flywheel you want for this swap
    Cusco 83-87
    fidanza corolla gts 8 LB (google to find best price)

    -Suspension- Coil over struts, shocks, role center adjusters and camber plates, and steering knuckles- purchased from technotoytuning ( ) The struts/shocks are modified AE86 Corolla GTS units. To install them you need adaptor parts from Technotoytuning which is why I got everything from them as a set.

    -Front Strut bar- purchased from technotoytuning

    -AE86 complete front brakes- purchased from technotoytuning with the AE86 front strut/coilover setup. They are salvaged brakes from a corolla GTS and required for swaping to the GTS front struts. For the brakes you will need a set of GTS brake lines. Google will find the best deal on the lines.

    -Front sway bar system- Adjustable lower control arms, Adjustable TC rods, adjustable tension sway bar. This kit requires all the suspension components above to be installed. (purchased from technotoytuning)

    -4A-G engine mounts- purchased from technotoytuning, and a set of corolla GTS engine mounts. (google the gts mounts for source)

    -Radiator- koyorad aluminum radiator for 84-87 corolla GTS, There are other all aluminum units available at half the price, but this was the one recommended by two different shops.

    -Water to air intercooler system. Any search for this item will locate them but you will need to make it fit so measure and order at your own risk. Get a Bosch upgrade pump as well. Here are the dimensions of the one I ordered.
    Heat Exchanger:
    - Overall size:31.5x9.5x3.5(end-tank) inch
    - Core Size:24x8x2.5 inch
    - Inlet and outlet sizes:3/4 (0.75) inch
    - Rows:2
    - Pressure Released Cap:1.1 Bar(16Lbs)
    Liquid Water to Air Intercooler:
    - Overall Size:12"x12.5"x4.5"
    - Core Size:10"x5"x4.5"
    - Inlet + Outlet:3"
    - Water feeding:0.75"
    The water circulation pump is a bosch cobra magnatic drive.Purchased from lingenfelter online.

    -Rearend- AE86 corolla GTS with rebuilt TRD LSD(not SR5) with GTS brake lines for the new disk brakes. Other axles work like the Cellica and the RX7 but require shortening. They are heavy as well.

    You will need other minor parts like custom drive shaft, exhaust and fuel pumps but the big ticket items are listed and I will add the smaller ones as I find out what they are.
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