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    Angry guess this board

    ok so my friend just opened up this 2k2 ironmen intimidator with an empire frame on it and i have no idea who made this board. the problem is ramping is not allowed on the field i play and this gun is ramping. i dont know where to start online without knowing the manufacturer. more info is it is set up on a dip swith where the membrane pad should be and it has an led light indicator in the top rear corner of the frame. green red and orange colors. also who makes this trigger. ok so i cant upload my pics but its a white board with muslim writing on it. a perfect rectangle.

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    The writing may mean its a Tadao board. Look there first to see if those match to what you have.

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    muslim writing...? It sounds like a Tadao Muashi board.

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    muslim haha i laughed too ... u mean asian writing, kanji to be precise.
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