I decided to start a new thread for the repairs. Hopefully this is approved by the mods and PTP. A representative from PTP posted the following on the original design/purchase thread.

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This is the first ive hear of this issue b/c i havnt checked this thread in forever so Im going to step in here and handle this for you guys .

The material is certified as T6-7075 and the problem is from the rotation of the spring from what ive read here .

I didnt think there was going to be as much rotation as there is with some of the springs .

Some guns are not affected by this and i think its the difference in the springs .

ANYONE having a problem with this issue , ship your gun body to me personaly and i will fix it for free and pay to ship it back to you with a pressed in Stainless Steel insert .

Make sure your name and address is clearly marked on the box please.

Alooney , pm me please .

Pro Team Manufacturing
C/o Russell K Breeden
5316 McIntosh Point
Sanford Fl 32773
Hopefully PTP will have a good turnaround time as 175 bodies were sold. This is a big investment for everyone. Therefore, lets support this thread to achieve what we all want...A usable Micromag body.

I realize that others are having additional issues. I ask that those issues be addressed in the original thread. This thread should be for the washer insert only.

Thank You!