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    E/X-mag board repair

    Have a fried E/X-mag board you need repaired?

    I am offering repair to all E/X-mag boards and ACE boards.
    I have a ton of experience repairing them, for personal, Tuna, and some randoms.

    There is a fixed repair price of $35 + return shipping, per board. An Emag board with an ACE attached is 2 boards. If only one needs repair, I will not charge for testing.

    This includes:
    -Button replacement
    -Blown transistor or diode replacement
    -Complete microcontroller replacement (includes firmware)
    -Voltage regulator replacement
    -ACE Eye replacement
    -ACE transistor replacement

    Always a quality repair, no hack jobs.

    Please note that this price does not include a screen replacement if need be, it is rare anyways that they go. If I am unable to repair your board due to blown traces (I will do my best), I will waive the fixed price but ask for return shipping. I will not be held responsible for loss or damage due to shipping, I always package my shipments well and ship promptly.
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