My uncles and I are going to be getting a piece of land in the Grass Valley ( hour and half north from sacramento) area of northern California. Our intention is to start a regulation field in the next year. We have been running some private games there over the last couple of months and have been getting good responses.

Theterrain is challenging to say the least,very rocky with lots of small hills, ravines and manzanita bushes. It is definately for the hardcore player but has plenty of hiding spaces for those shy players or stalkers. Eventually we will be building a military base and will be offering 24 and 48 hour private games for up to 20 people. Both teams will be on alert the entire time and missions can and will be called at anytime so you will always have to be ready. But we will also be open for weekend open play as well.

If you would like to get in on one of the next beta (private) game just inbox me. Here is a couple of links to our last two games.