I have been wanting to use a Dye UL frame on a mag for the past year and a half. Now it is done. Big props have to be first said to the 2 peopel who made this my dream mag. First is John Loguzzo, this guy is a master magsmith in my book. He has built me 3 pneu,emaggo mags in the past. this is by far the best work I have seen him do yet. He has become a friend of mine and am proud to say this is his work. 2nd props go to Blake AKA Bazooka_Boy . this guy has some serious ano skills. This gun came out so bad a$$ to me, I cant even describe how much thanks I owe these 2 people. God gave them both some amazing skillz!

this mag has a one off "micro rail" used to house the acuator and hold the EP grip hand made by Loguzzzzzz. it is contoured to match the flow of the UL frame and the EP grip. Running off of a UTB due to the small area of the UL frame. Xmag body tops everything off with a sexy one of a kind Mag

I cant thank John and Blake enough, so I will let their work speak for them

now for the before and after eye candy. PIcs are courtesy of Loguzzzzzz