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    G-10 Grip Panels

    Howdy all,

    I'm gonna keep on doing these but as everybody likes different things I won't be keeping anything in stock. I've got lots of material, so hit me up with what you're looking for and we'll work it out. I've changed my standard panels from 1/8" to 1/4" making more room for LPR recesses, so if you want 1/8" panels for a lower profile be sure to let me know. I'm doing 45s, verts, EMags (thanks correia3) and now Airwalks/Stormwalks (thanks need4reebs).

    -$45.00 for 45s and $50.00 for everything else, and as always that's shipped and paypal'd.
    -If you're ordering multiple sets, the second set will be 25% off and all sets after that will be 50% off.

    PM me for available colours.

    Thanks for looking!

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