I was thinking about this recently.

Obviously, if we go back to the "old days", we'll get to the first ever paintball marker, etc...

But since YOU HAVE BEEN PLAYING....what markers have really changed the game (for better or worse)???

For example, since I've been playing (1999), I'd say the battle is between:

  • Tippmann 98 Custom
  • Smart Parts Ion
  • Tippmann A5

And I gotta say the 98C wins....they probably are in the order I have them listed.

I mean, the 98C changed the game by making reliable, CO2 powered, easily upgradeable markers available for right $110 new. That was a huge deal. Before that, you'd have to buy Brass Eagle markers if you wanted to spend any less than $160...and those were mostly junk and hardly upgradeable.

So...what do you guys think? Marker, when you started playing, and why...