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Thread: wow looking back

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    wow looking back

    i havent logged on in like 7 years. Looking back wow do you seem dumb at 13. Im 23 now and want to thank a lot of you for putting up with me. I cant remember anybodys names. I remember creative cause he helped me with some parts for free to set up my warp feed back in the day. That meant a lot and is still remembered. Probably been 6 years since ive played paintball. Moved on to fast diesels and real guns. Miss those days a lot though. So guess just coming back through to remember the days. I still have my tuna mag i saved for my whole childhood and never the bolt would always stick forward so never got used much i quit playing shortly after.....wonder if i could break it out and see what it could be. its a good ole xmag ULE body and all that jazz. Cant remember all the terms.

    my feedback-

    Vegeta "you know up until i was like 15 i always thought Malcolm X was just a movie."

    quik "and you have to add your childish f***ing comments(brb in 30 seconds)"

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    Jeet yet ?


    Change to a stronger spring.

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    Well I was in that same boat, about 5 year break. I gave away a entire box of paintball stuff, I didn't know or remember what it was. Just got sick of moving it around. But getting back into the sport, need something fun to do so I can stay away from business, you know escape.

    So your a Diesel nut to? Nice, got 5 diesel trucks and various diesel equipment I don't have the bug, maybe the diesel flu.

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