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Thread: Questions about Upgrading A Micromag

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    Questions about Upgrading A Micromag

    So the upgrades I am looking at to install into my 68micromag is the ULE Trigger pull kit, Lvl 10 bolt, and the xvalve. Will these upgrades work with the PTP Micromag.

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    Yes they will work if you buy an Xvalve it may come with the ule kit so you may want to check before buying a separate kit , for that matter it may come with the level 10 installed as well. depending where you buy it.

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    Very rare to buy a LVL7 X-valve, they don't come from AGD that way and the only people I see that swap out the LVL10 are people with pumps and people with eyes. As for the ULT, they can install it at the factory or you can buy it separately, but keep in mind it might not be the right option for you (I prefer the R/T effect myself).

    Only issue you might have with your X-Valve is with early generation Micros that don't play nice with LVL10.

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    Yes, you may want to check the fit of the level 10 in your body. If it is snug, you may need to sand the outer surface at the tip of the level 10 so that it will move inside the breach area without interference. Its an easy fix. It just takes some time and elbow grease.
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