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    So I am running a remote through a QD right into the valve. works great but had to ask is there any problem doing this?. There is a small leak but I believe the male QD is a dinged.


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    I've done it before and it usually works just fine. Check the o-ring in the female side if your getting a bit of hiss under pressure. Might just be that I'm rough on equip, but I seem to have to replace my QD rings at least once a season.

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    Post a picture of your setup. I would recommend adding a slide check or replacing the q/d with a proconnect. Its also more comfortable to have the remote run off a bottom line.

    One of my q/ds leaks when it is torqued to either side. The o-rings are fine, but its a loose fit and any movement/play will create a leak. But most of my q/ds are super tight.

    I also recommend a fill whip.

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