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Thread: O ring sizes

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    O ring sizes

    Has anyone got an oring size chart for the xvalve and ULT on/off?

    or does anyone know the sizes?


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    Have a look on mcarterbrown forum it's one of the stickies! Not sure if it's complete for the X-valve

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    I posted this a couple months back in the MCB O-ring sticky thread:

    I broke out the calipers tonight, broke down my X-valve, and cross-checked with McMaster-Carr. I'm pretty sure I've got these right:

    Power Tube (on/off bottom) O-rings - 010
    Reg. Piston O-ring - 012
    Reg. Seat O-rings - 008
    Reg. Body O-ring - 017
    RT On/Off Small O-rings - 004
    Reg. Valve Pin O-rings - 006

    L10 Carrier o-ring - 008
    Reg. nut (barrel) o-ring - 017 or 018
    Teflon on/off o-ring - 006 (PTFE)
    Emag Quad O-ring - 006 (0.070" width, Buna-N)

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