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Thread: Jammed mech safety on EMag

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    Jammed mech safety on EMag

    Safety is stuck ON so marker won't fire. It appears the ball is broken and
    lost somewhere in its groove. Anyone have experience with this and a best way to fix it? Thanks!
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    They can bind up, usual reason is dude to to the ball bearing popping out of the grove. If the safety is pushed too far out of it's normal travel. The ball will come out and you'll be left with the spring binding. Only way (only way i found) to unbind it is by smacking it with a punch and hammer. Then find another ball/spring and install it. The safety on a Emag is such a pain in the ass to put back together but after the 3rd or 10th try, you'll figure it out.

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    I had that happen to mine as have lots of others. The mechanism gums up and the ball sticks. The groove that the ball sits in has an edge that is too sharp and the ball can't get over it when it gets gummed up due to spring rust and other contaminants. Hammering it out can cause the ball bearing to actually break through the wall of the emag handle. You don't want that to happen. Put some light lubricant in it first, and let it sit. Then move the adjuster around to see if you can get the ball moving. You can probably work it free. When you do get it out clean the area out. Take the safety and round the sharp edges of the groove where the ball sits so that it doesn't happen again when you put it back together.
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