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Thread: Xvalve and Micromag - I'm in hell, please help

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    Xvalve and Micromag - I'm in hell, please help

    Alright, so my ultimate goal was to build an awesome mag. However, I was unaware it was going to be so a giant pain in the ***. Nothing I have done thus far has been simple, and my frustration is building.

    Most recently I've purchased an Xvalve to go on to my micro chirmera project. I get it in today, and it's basically a paperweight at this point.

    While the valve seems to be in perfect working order, it's not working with my set up. The first problem is that the on/off assembly was catching on the micromag body. Thus not allowing the valve to actually fully seat into the body. I removed the on/off and one shim and was able to get the valve to sit fully flush. At that point however, I gas up the marker and almost none of the sear is visible in the grip frame. So basically when I pull the trigger, I'm not pushing the sear far enough to cycle the marker.

    I once again took out the on/off and removed all five shims, but it made no difference. Still having the same issue.

    I noticed the sear has a threaded end, can this be adjusted at all?

    Any help would be great. I feel like I've bought all the high end parts I can find, but in the end it's been nothing but a head ache

    I'm running a 2000 Microbody, with Chimera frame. Video to problem
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