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Thread: Xvalve and Micromag - I'm in hell, please help

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    Xvalve and Micromag - I'm in hell, please help

    Alright, so my ultimate goal was to build an awesome mag. However, I was unaware it was going to be so a giant pain in the ***. Nothing I have done thus far has been simple, and my frustration is building.

    Most recently I've purchased an Xvalve to go on to my micro chirmera project. I get it in today, and it's basically a paperweight at this point.

    While the valve seems to be in perfect working order, it's not working with my set up. The first problem is that the on/off assembly was catching on the micromag body. Thus not allowing the valve to actually fully seat into the body. I removed the on/off and one shim and was able to get the valve to sit fully flush. At that point however, I gas up the marker and almost none of the sear is visible in the grip frame. So basically when I pull the trigger, I'm not pushing the sear far enough to cycle the marker.

    I once again took out the on/off and removed all five shims, but it made no difference. Still having the same issue.

    I noticed the sear has a threaded end, can this be adjusted at all?

    Any help would be great. I feel like I've bought all the high end parts I can find, but in the end it's been nothing but a head ache

    I'm running a 2000 Microbody, with Chimera frame. Video to problem
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    If the on/off has shims, it is a ULT. The trigger pin can be adjusted forwards by screwing it out. When aired up, the pin should sit about a credit cards distance from the back of the trigger.

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    You are either having bolt stick or just need to turn up the velocity.

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    And if all else fails contact tunaman have him tune it out. He never fails to bring a working marker.

    but if you are a do it yourselfer. the first thing you do not want to do is adjust the sear length. that is one of your last options.

    Hope i helped,

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    I just saw your vid.

    What you did to get the valve in the body was spot on. Some bodies have more room then others and can take more shims in the ULT. If you have a stock on/off. I would pop it in to alleviate any issues with the ULT. If not just add 2 shims for now and leave it be, you can go back and tweak it later.

    Your main bolt spring looks a little worn (almost flushed with the head of the bolt). Change it out with a new one but keep the worn one. They are excellent for pump mags.

    Edit: Holly crap, someone actually cut that spring. You need to replace it and if you ever cut a spring in the future, always put the cut side towards the bolt not the body. Disregard what I said about upping your velocity.

    Change out that spring and we'll work out from there. The spring is probably putting enough downward force on the bolt and keeping it from pissing everywhere. Usually a spring that short would cause a barrel leak once fired. Try shoving something down the breach (finger) and push on the bolt. See if you can manually cock it. DO NOT finger test the lvl 10 with that spring, you'll def retreat it.
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    Micromags also use shorter on-off pins. That means you will use fewer ULT shims in your setup.

    Check that the bolt fits into the breach area as well. The older micros had breaches that were too tight. I can't remember if the micro 2000 had that problem. Drop the bolt in from the back and see if it slides in without any problem. If it is tight , you will need to sand the front outer lip of the bolt down a bit.
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