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Thread: Ultra Light Titanium Emag/xvalve Parts

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    Im not sure the Titanium velocity adjusters will ever happen....unless i can sell around 20 of them and i find a great deal on a bar of Titanium.
    The stuff really chews up the tooling.

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    Would be interested in one, so.... uhh...... 19 to go? Have a few leads on titanium bar stock, what diameter/grade do you need?

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    1" diameter 6AL4V Titanium

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    You can increase tooling life by high pressure cooling aimed directly at the tool tip while cutting. Use 55m per minute cutting speed and keep the feed high (the higher the better above 80 microns) but below 120 microns where the cut metal will start to stick to the surface of the tool causing heat buildup. Use a round tip for cutting wherever possible to spread out the heat at the point of contact. The stiffness of the machine is very important as well, to reduce tool deflection. Since the elasticity of titanium is part of the problem, you don't want to add any deflection due to the machine setup. Most production machines are not stiff enough to machine titanium in their standard configuration.
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    Yes im familiar with machining titanium.......its just a numbers game would cost a considerable amount of money to buy the special titanium insert grades required to make the parts. If i only sold 20 parts the numbers just done make since.

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