REFLEX PAINTBALL CUSTOMS is proud to introduce the newest family member to our already growing electronic product line


A new Universal board that combines features desired by the "Do-It-Yourselfer" and the "Tinkerer" in all of us

A size comparison against the UTB and a Paintball

The Uni-Pro is a very unique product bringing some much desired advancements over its predecessors such as the Morlock and Universal T-Board (UTB)

- Multicolor LED is used for board status and programming mode adjustments. The multicolor LED also serves to mount the board in position if the board is placed in the rear of the trigger frame. (this is what the board is primarily designed for, though it will fit on other locations too).

- OLED screen: yes, this board will be developed with the intent that for future use in the product, it can control an OLED screen

- Multi-color LED mount: the way you see the LED in the pictures was mounted for programing and testing purposes. The LED can be moved to the back of the board or removed and a jumper soldered on for remote LED location,.. there are options!

- Multiple Power switch options: You guys that have the VER and Logic Ripper frames will know what Im talking about here. The UTB "single button" software isnt really true "single button". You have to trick the board into thinking its using a button when you have a slide switch. The Uni-Pro needs no code change or weird manipulation of hardware to turn the board on. If you use a momentary button (Like the UTB does), simply turn the dip switch located on the main board next to the tourney lock "on". If you use a slide switch (like the morlock did) turn the dip switch "off". The same code works for both switches types!

- Improved Header design: With both the UTB and the Morlock, there was area for improvement with the way you plugged in your components. The Morlock lacked polarity correction. The UTB lacked strength in the wire gauge. The Uni-Pro corrects the polarity issue by keeping ALL of your negative wires on the bottom of the board. All the positive and signal wires are on the top. This means that even if you are color blind, you can at least know what side of your header is bottom and top! The UTB had a very small and fragile wire harness with smaller wires coming from it. The Uni-Pro uses larger gauge wires and a 2mm header setup like the Morlock did, as well as bundling the components together in grouped header sets. This adds to the ease of installation when working on a custom install.

- Compatible with the following solenoid configurations:
1. Single-solenoid, open bolt markers (compatible with virtually all markers, however some may require special programming).
2. Dual-solenoid, closed bolt markers (Excalibur, electronic Autococker, Sovereign, pre-2003 Shocker).
3. Single solenoid, closed bolt marker (Nova, Mayhem, Epic, etc).

- Compatible with all types of intellifeed including Warp feeds, Revolution intellifeed, and RF transmitters.

- Able to operate any solenoid small enough to be useful in a paintball marker, according to published specifications. However, some solenoids may require the use of an additional capacitor.

- Use any power source between 6 and 26 volts.

- Compatible with E/X-Mag rechargeable battery and solenoid.

- Power saving circuit draws minimal power while the marker is not in use.

- 20-MHz micro controller allows for fine adjustment of firing parameters.

- Board settings are saved in non-volatile memory, which remains available for years (decades) with no power connected.

- On-board tournament lock, disables programming mode when locked.

- One mounting screw hole is present on the board. Recommended screw size is 4-40 or 4-48 thread (not shown in the proto-type)

- Compatible with both beam-break and reflective eyes.

- Eye test mode available for both beam-break and reflective eyes.

- Adjustable analog eye sensitivity (for both eye types). Visible "laser" eyes standard.


We will issue a target price once we work out the software development for the OLED screen.

When can you get one?
No time soon. We have other products that require our attention at this point. Once they have shipped we will release some more information.