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Thread: Seeking ideas for a smaller capacity Empire Reloader B2 hopper.

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    Seeking ideas for a smaller capacity Empire Reloader B2 hopper.

    So, I love my mag. I love shooting less paint. But I've got this HUGE Empire Reloader B2 hopper. I've tried the 50 round pocket hoppers, and they...well...suck. The B2 hopper is great, no problems feeding, it's just so top-heavy when full of paint. And using a 13ci tank sure doesn't help with balancing it out either.

    So, I'm here to solicit ideas on how to chop down the B2 shell, and keep all the electronics and battery pack intact. Ideally, I'd love as small a hopper as I can get, around 40-70 balls. Want to keep it narrow, short, and tight to the marker.

    Problems: I have few tools. I have no fabricating skills whatsoever.

    Any ideas out there?

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    Yeah, do what I'm doing.

    Eggy II board, micro stepper motor, 75 round pod, neck from a gravity fed, auger and a worn out Spyder spring. Use your imagination on the rest.

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    Tempted i think we need pics of the rest of whats happening in your workshop... i like what i see!

    In regards to the OP i am making a sportshot/revi... might work for you!

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    Well, was injured at work, now I'm waiting on surgery so there isn't much I can do. Can't go back to work. Since I was huge into RC vehicles and robots I have a massive collection of various electronics and enough know how to think I know what I'm doing. Most of the time, no, I don't. I end up throwing away half the stuff I try.

    This one is funny. Its an Eggy paddle/servo motor mounted above the feed neck sideways. I ran the Eggy servo to the Ricochet board so they are 100% in unison. It works pretty well, just kills batteries like crazy. Feeds very quick. The Ricochet paddle pushes paint towards the Eggy paddle which then forces it down the feed neck. Need to solder up a 3s2p lipo for it, will work a lot better. I tried running it on the Eggy board but it puts out too much power to use in this. I have a feeling it would start busting paint. I lost a little capacity but I don't shoot much anyway so it doesn't bother me.
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    That is awesome, that would go perfect with a sleeper mag.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shooter311
    That is awesome, that would go perfect with a sleeper mag.
    Oh just wait til you see what I have planned for a sleeper Mag hopper

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    I've done a revy sport shot hopper. Board, battery and paddles are all inside the hopper so there's no way of anyone knowing. I also use an Empire sound board so eyes aren't needed, every shot the paddles turn

    Also did one with a Winchester. That one was a little harder to do. Battery and motor were on the outside and you would actuate it with a laser pressure switch that I would hide under the grips. Once I started shooting I would apply pressure to that area with my thumb and the paddles would turn.

    EDIT: Here's a pic of the Winchester. Click to pic for a slideshow.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ando
    If you are able to come across an old Ricochet hopper, the servo motor is extremely low profile. The case is essentially half the height of a normal servo. Would be a little easier to hide.

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