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Thread: Etek-Mag?

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    I want to start to put together the parts I would need to build an Ego-Mag. Is there any reason I should avoid an Etek 1 frame w/ Virtue board? I have one lined up for $55 shipped, comes with grips and trigger, seems like a good deal to me.

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    id do it, I ran an etek 2 frame on oen of mine before

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    Just make sure you've got a place for the noid. There will be virtually no room in the frame for it. I believe it has been done, but it's pretty difficult. I used a foregrip housing to hold one and on another one the rail was ULE'd and there was a nice place for the noid towards the front between the frame and the grip. I've got one now with an Etek-2 frame and I went with the ULE'd rail option because I didn't want to deal with fitting the noid in the frame even though there is a lot more room than in an Etek-1.

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    Here's some pic of one I did a while back:

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