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Thread: Pnuemag switch alternative?

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    Question Pnuemag switch alternative?

    Has anyone used a stem valve for a pnuemag setup? I'm looking at Clippards control valves pdf here:

    The miniature poppet cartridge valves on page 10 look like an intriguing option to be mounted through the frame directly behind the trigger.


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    i know about nothing about the specs on those, but if they work and have a light enough activation pressure they look like they would be a great alternative!

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    Interesting, could be worth trying one out.

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    Specs I was able to pull from the PDF:

    Input Pressure: 300 psig
    Air Flow: 3.0 SCFM @ 50 psig; 6.0 SCFM @ 100 psig
    Force For Full Stem Travel: 24 oz. nominal (100 psig)
    stroke length 1/8" (0.125")

    Whatever that means well I just couldn't tell.

    Fabco MSV specs

    Operating pressure 30 to 150 psi
    #10-32 ports
    3 SCFM free flow at 80 psi
    Force For Full Stem Travel: 16 oz. nominal (100 psig)
    Stroke length .005" to .010"

    So what I'm seeing:
    -Fabco has a much shorter throw
    -Same pull weight (sans lever) @ 100 psig
    -Clippard has higher flow rate at lower pressures
    -Clippard has far higher peek operating pressure

    What does that mean? No idea. What I think it means is that using the Clippard MAV-2C would make a major sacrifice in the throw distance department but give you a huge range of options.

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    I have used the Clippard SMAV-3 which is located on page 15 bottom right. I found the trigger pull to still be kind of hard.

    The Fabco MSV-2 offers the lightest pull I have found yet.

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    My first pneumag wias with the SMAV-3, set up for me by Rainman229 after I saw that first pneumag he built in the 24-hour build-off.

    It's been running for YEARS now with no issues and a clean maintenance record. You don't have the lever action of the "standard" pneumag switch, so the pull is a bit heavier, but I've NEVER had anyone complain after using it.

    I have the SMAV-3, a standard parts trigger, and a G-Force frame, and all of them are so close in feel that you really need to shoot them one after another to even get the difference. It's there, but they're all mouse-clicky light.

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