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Thread: Black Friday- We put the ducken in Turducken

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    Black Friday- We put the ducken in Turducken

    Along with twinkies and marshmallows. If you havent seen a big man at Thanksgiving eat you should come up to our house this year. We are at the in laws where Fried Turkey is apparently an open invitation to try everything fried; twinkies, ding dongs, kit kats, vegetables, and someone threw a pickle in the fryer?

    Taking a quick moment of silence and solace we're hidden safely behind the divider of the trailer door and pure moments of red kneckery. Rather than find out why the opossum is being skinned we figured that we would bring you what we've always brought- simple down home prices with no muss and no fuss.

    Take a quick look at our sale and again thanks for all of your business- we got into this for you the player. I'm being called outside... something about hog jowls.

    Blowout Specials
    Uncut Macroline 5 or 10 feet selection
    Holiday Precut Macroline 5 pieces for a $1.00
    All colored 90* swivel fittings- 6 bucks
    All cocker/timmy/ego hoses five feet for 3.00
    All wrath hoses/large bore ion hoses 5 feet for 3.00

    Toolbox Items
    All ashcroft gauges with a free microfiber 9 dollars
    All mini 0-300 gauges include a free microfiber

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    Ooh ooh I love me some fried pickles.

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