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Thread: New Warperior Rail Presale - TimmyJay (design) & XMT (milling)

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    Arrow New Warperior Rail discussion

    I received permission from the better half to front the money for the prototype.

    I am creating a list of items to start conversation. Feel free to add your thoughts.

    Do you have video?
    Hope this post works...sorry for the pathetic trigger work. It was hard enough for me to figure out how to video. This is using Procap paint I bought at Goodwill for $2.99. Many dimples and smelled like rotten fish. I forgot to turn the loader on, but die corn die!

    Can't do the hopper mod? You could still use your warpfeed muscle man.
    It is cheap to do, but takes time and patience. You really only need a couple fittings and epoxy from hardware store. I would love to see someone come out with a shell and inverted feedtube made for this mod. No feedtube on bottom and add some screw holes to customize attachment location.

    Rail to hold hopper? Prototype to come...
    I used part of PTP warp bracket (standard warp bracket works too) and the front of a KAPP Cradle (< $8). A few wraps of electrical tape and it holds it solid. I wanted to bring this out with the rail as a kit, but interest in one would set interest of the other.

    Minimum quantity too high?
    I willl be buying one of each setup so the number will come down. I just didn't want to be the first 2 and now the only 2 on the previous presale list.

    Priced too high? Body mod costs...
    See my post about the lowest price opportunity. XMT has a lot of time into it and deserves to be compansated for his great final product.

    Another body option you say?
    I didn't want to bring this up unless sales were slow... Well, the rail could be milled, leaving the feedneck portion unmilled. This opens up a completely new setup for warp right (still needs to be tested) & vertical ULE bodies (new pics posted). This would offset the feedneck for stock class. A custom feed tube mod could be attached to the rail securely.

    Would the AM/MM length be a better option?
    I decided on RT to offer more options. If AM/MM would sell better the change can be made.
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