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So you think my E-Tac should go in the Emag category, even though it started off as an X-valved Tac-One Longbow before I added Emag lowers? If that was the case, then a valve could be registered once as a mech, and then would have to be moved to a different category once Emag lowers were added.

I have to disagree. I think for simplicity's sake, since the valve is the only part of the gun with a serial number, then for anything other than an X-mag or SFL we need to concentrate on registering and categorizing the valve first, and then describing what marker surrounds it second. I.E., we should have a list for Emag valves, RT-Pro valves, ReTro valves, RT-X valves, X-Valve valves, and X valves. Once the valve info is put in the database, then add the details for the rest of the marker.
If you look at DM's thread, he just broke it down by Valve. I think it's fine to track Xmags and SFLs by the valve until someone decides to part it becase there is no other way to do it. then maybe you'd have to add an asterisk because we are tracking the body at that point (I think ).

Trying to track all the other iterations that an Automag can take will get problemmatic.