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Thread: The Tunaball 7 early warning system has been activated

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
    There will be NO TUNABALL 8 next year It's time to take a break, and if all goes well we will pick up in TWO YEAR in 2015.
    When I read this I was instantly sad. Tunaball is on my bucket-list of big games/greets to make at some point.

    Quote Originally Posted by BigEvil View Post
    If you were at TB7, you guys know the plan, if not here it is; Next year the plan is to gather all of the Automag guys at LIVING LEGENDS 7 at CPX in Joliet Illinois into one massive AO-ARMY strike force. Things are already in the works and when I get back from vacation I will start to reach out to the other guys on the forums and begin to get the plans rolling. So mark your calendars, start saving your cash, and don't say I didn't tell you so
    Then I read this and was happy again! LL is also on the bucket list, and was an "almost" this year, and a "very likely" next year. Good news! I may not be able to get my wife on board with my flying out to NH for "just a paintball game" (her words, not mine), but if y'all are going to come to IL then that's a different story! lol

    Edit: By the way, GoatBoy, I'm diggin the $0.50 garage sale sticker on the back of your X-valve. You could really buffalo someone with a story about actually buying it at that price.
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