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    THE BEAST Version 3.0

    Well some of you may have just clicked on this thread and said to themselves "NO *&^%ING WAY"... the rest of you are confused.

    to some it up, I'm a very strange person and I can't stop tinkering with things and 8 years ago when I stopped posting on here my Mag and I had a small reputation.

    The very first picture I ever posted back in 2001 or so earned me an emmeiate comment of "that thing is a beast!" and for a long time the name stuck.

    I live in WI and I ran co2... I needed to go vert cause of the cold weather but I hated vert... so I kinda went vert, fell in love with the design and off I went.


    After 8 years of not being fired I got invited to a company paintball outing and I decided to put it back in action.

    everything on the gun besides the ASA, the valve (minus the lvl 10), and the body (minus the green powdercoat, is hand made or heavily modified.

    The valve is a CF01779 made in 1991, with a lvl 10 bolt that was sent to me from the first batch made.

    The trigger frame is a HEAVILY modified Pro-line frame that has a select fire Semi, Rapid, and FULL AUTO modes. I'll get a video up when I have some gas handy.

    EDIT: FULL AUTO was a fluke between way to high pressure and somethick paint clearance issues. oh well

    Everything else is pretty self explanitory.


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