I still get lots of request for this mod but it is to time consuming and expensive to do one at a time and some of the parts are hard to find anymore. So I will post this how to here so it can be found in the searches.

Parts so far.

New AGD AM/MM rail
Aluminum Single AGD trigger frame
Universal T Board kit
SMC Noid (S070C-SDG-32)
MPA3 Ram
PPS Micro Rock LPR
Remote line adaptor

The general layout I will make an aluminum sleeve for the LPR and put a bike grip on it so it will look oldschool.

After some milling on the drill press and we are looking good.

This is a shot of where the micro switch will go

I had to shorten the trigger safety arm on the trigger so I could fit the switch in the frame and get room for the ram. This part of the trigger is what activates the switch. The second pic is what it looks like inside the marker.

The dry fit and it all fits nicely.

This is what I will use to do my soldering. A portasol Butane soldering unit.

Now the layout with the lpr. I cant wait to see it with the bike grip on it.

I am working on the wiring. It is slow going but it is looking clean. Noid, microswitch, and battery terminal is good, now all I need to do is the membrane pad and LED.