This will be my next project as Iím finally caught up on restocking some inventory and plan on starting the design this coming week. I do have an EP frame pretty much designed, itís a typical Vert frame that uses Angel grips and non- AGD triggers.

But, Iím thinking I want to start from scratch, still using the Vert design but utilizing Intelli triggers and shortening the length of the grip down closer to the 45 length (As has been discussed here before). There wonít be any off the shelf grips/panels that will fit so I will have to make those too. Frame would be set up to use stock AGD safety parts. I think the frame should be some what universal with a base platform that would make it easy to build a Pneumag or EPmag (I have some specific ideas in mind for that). And the frame should also operate as a mechanical frame.

This will not be a pre order deal, I have a small amount of materials Iíll cut up then go from there. I donít have a set price as this project is only just started (At the top of this page )

If you have some specific points you would like considered in the design, letís hear em.