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    Emag Help

    So I bought some emag lowers and added a ule body and xvalve I already had to it and it shoots fine in mechanical. It will not shoot in e mode or hybrid. I bought the lowers knowing the battery doesn't hold a very good charge...should I assume that is my problem? The board turns on (xmod 1.8), trg ace functions like it should but the gun doesn't fire. I don't hear any clicking in the solenoid. Thanks for any help.

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    i would guess its your battery.

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    Make sure the trigger magnet is activating the HES. It could be out of adjustment or the magnet could be on backwards. If the battery is an original pack, it is most likely bad. Also, check the ground screw where the board is screwed to the frame. If it is corroded or dull, it could affect the power capability as well.
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    Unless you have eyes, turn your ACE off. If ACE is on, it won't allow you to shoot in E-mode.

    Also, since you have Xmod 1.8, go into the TRG ACE mode and pull the trigger to make sure everything is okay with the HES and trigger magnets. If the screen lights up when you pull the trigger, everything is okay there.

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    I just had a battery built at batteries plus (only $30) and the gun works flawless! Thanks for the help guys.

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