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    Meet The Family

    Well I cant leave well enough alone and everytime I think I'm done with a build I change something.

    So this is a place where I'm going to keep everything up to date and yadda.

    So lets start here... The BEAST Ver 3.0
    Unfortunatly I have lost all pictures of the progress of the beast through the years but it was epic and had quiote the reputation on here...

    here's the only picture I have left:

    and since then I've taken an 8 year break and came back herd.

    here are my mags as of now. they are both projects and are always changing, there is no specs for them as they change daily as I tinker.

    in the pictures though you will see 2 classics, one with a benchy 2 finger, classic body and the other with a beat up ULE body that I've yet to repair and one of the 2 auto-response frames I have

    both with chain foregrips I got bored and made. I like the shorter one better


    Been changing some stuff around, doing this and that, got a couple parts in and have built up my warp fed mag again... been 9 years since this warp has spun and after a little TLC its up and spinning.

    O and a little teaser
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