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Dates: Last weekend of October 2012 (The 27th & 28th)

Accommodations: Jai's house and Keith's House
Jai can have 3-5 people for the weekend.
Keith can have 3 people for the weekend
Jai's house will allow smoking out side of the house
Keiths house is a no smoking location

Hotel: Holiday Inn Concord NH

Airports: you should be flying into Manchester Airport if by air. Jai is about 20 minutes with traffic from here. Those of you that are arriving earlier than 430pm will be given an access code to Jai's house so you can met up and have a place to un-wind.

Matt and Keith are local to Manchester Airport as well.

Saturday (morning-day): Playing at OSG paintball in Barnstead NH (http://www.osgpaintball.com) This is a non-BYOP day. The little kiddies out there running around wiping wont be there. We will have a good day of pumps and relaxing on the field.

Saturday (night): Party at Jai's house in Pembroke NH (318 Pembroke Street) There will be a fire, food, adult beverages, cigars, and general debauchery.

Food for Party: Jai will be collecting money for the choices of grub. Basic foods can be dogs and burgers. There is a butcher shop down the street which has an amazing selection of cuts. There turkey and steak tips are the best around.
We also have access to an out door cooker for lobsters, steamers, and corn on the cob.

This will all be up to you what we all want,.. Jai will get everything together and figure out the totals. We will divide the cost between everyone attending and thats what we all will pay per person.
Having a plate of steak tips, corn on the cob, and/or a fish plate would be a damn nice way to start the evening. Jai would like to keep the menu simple yet tasty, so if everyone wants to have steak and lobster,.. thats pretty simple! We all travel to see each other,... lets have a good meal while doing it.

So food choices are:
Steak Tips (guest decides how many pounds)
Turkey Tips (guest decides how many pounds)
Lobster (guest decides how many pounds)
Steamers (guest decides how many pounds)
Corn on the cob (guest decides how many)
Hot dogs (guest decides how many pounds)
Burgers (guest decides how many pounds)

Cost :Jai will get the food in advance and figure out the totals. You can pay for the meal when you arrive Saturday night.

Sunday (morning): Paintball at BOLP in Lee NH.
This was our satruday event last year. We should have a good time here playing some speed ball and grudge matches. Sterling mentioned 2vs2 or mini tourney games,..... this would be a great way to pit guys against one another and get some nice photos before we all head home.