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Thread: HALO... skip the WARP

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    HALO... skip the WARP

    i'm looking to mount a Halo loader to the side of a TAC 1 body and mod it to feed like a warp (lighter)

    what halo loader do i need? rip drive, V35, empire B2, ect...
    is there a difference in the shell plastic? i don't want it to shatter
    boards/internals? i want to push 15 bps MAX thru ~6" warp tube

    i don't know much about Halo's if this is to difficult for this loader is there a better choice under $80 ( not trying to hack up a rotor )

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    I'm working on this myself right now. I picked up an MM2K9 so unwanted to run it warp left, but I don't have a warp. I tried setting up my Prophecy using copper pipes, but it wouldn't feed consistently, too much friction and weight of the ball stack to push it I think. I didn't want to hack up the Proph either, so I ran it straight out of the bottom. You will need a Reloader B2 (not B). I just picked one up cheap on PBN. You can also use a Halo Too. I'll be following the same guide that TimmyJay posted for the build, then I'm just going to drill a hole in an aluminum bar to mount the hopper.

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    B2 was the fastest halo style loader built, which i assume means its the most powerful motor setup. you will want that when pushing paint that high up.

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    A side feeding Halo is called a "Rip Clip".
    "Accuracy by aiming."

    Definitely not on the A-Team.

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    This is something I've been planning to do for ages. Got most of the parts I need and hope to start building one very soon.

    Got a nice RT mag here that this set up would warp nicely into.

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