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Thread: Special Rail Milling Run to Raise Cash for the Save AO Fund.

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    Special Rail Milling Run to Raise Cash for the Save AO Fund.

    $460 Raised for the SAVE AO FUND!
    Contribution made 9-10-12

    This deal has been CLOSED
    Big thanks to everyone who stepped up!


    AO Name--Number of Rails

    Soonersdds---------------2----------Shipped 9-17-12
    oldironmudder -----------1----------Shipped 9-17-12
    sQuidVision---------------1----------Shipped 9-12-12
    Spider-TW----------------1----------Shipped 9-12-12
    bumbabeef---------------2----------Shipped 9-17-12
    River031403-------------1----------Shipped 9-17-12
    BTAutoMag--------------2-----------Shipped 9-12-12
    emcl29-------------------1-----------Shipped 9-17-12
    Ando---------------------1-----------Shipped 9-17-12
    c_losjoker----------------2-----------Shipped 9-17-12

    redlaser666 --------------1----------Ships 9-18-12
    Shooter311---------------3----------Ships 9-18-12

    darknite667 Designs-----3 (rails arrived 9-21-12) (Machining Completed 9/22/12) shipped 9-22-12
    WIXXXMAN---------------2 (rails arrived 9/22/12) (Machining Completed 9/22/12) shipped 9-28-12

    All proceeds minus shipping and PayPal fees will be donated to the Save AO fund.
    Price is $20 per rail.
    $6 Priority Mail Shipping.
    (You can send in more than one rail but only pay shipping once)
    Please send payment as a gift, if not fees will also be deducted.
    Unlimited spots per customer.
    Stock AGD AM, EM or RTP rails are eligible.
    Post here with the number of rails and which design(s) you want to reserve your spot and Iíll PM you an invoice.
    Please pay and ship ASAP.
    Any $50 design shown here on my website will be eligible .

    Stipulations for this service are:
    I wait until all the rails arrive before any machining is done.
    No alterations to existing designs.
    No powder coating.

    Here are the AM designs>

    AM Beta Rail (W/permission from Logic)>

    AM Epsilon>

    AM Trojan>

    ]AM Teth >

    AM Praxis>

    AM Pillar >

    AM Ultra-Light

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