This is why I love AO. Paintballers taking shots at each other and at the end of the day, still can have a drink together afterwards. Sure there have been quirks on the site versus others but the mods here let adults be adults. TK and AGD will always be known in the history of paintball.

I'm a regular over at MCB and I see on a weekly basis "New to Mags" thread. I always see in the BST mags for sale. Do I feel that AGD could make a comeback? Well that is the million dollar question! I feel with the right marketing and products, AGD could. Could they be competitive in speedball again? Why not? The cap is 13 bps now which is easily attainable with the X Valve. Products like the hyperframe and booyah frame would make mags attain the cap. Obviously AGD would have to make there own trigger frame but the technology is there. Kids are paying $1,000 to $1,500 for markers. Imagine the mag that could be built for that kinda of money? Maybe even for less. I have seen DM and NT markers go down for no apparent reason. Gotta a mag? Got some oil? Good to go. Oh I forgot, you might need a battery for the new trigger frame. How awesome would that be to see a team on the psp or nppl win events with mags?

This is attainable and no so far fetched...think about it!!!